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3oth of October 2009

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Subject: Jim Ball of your Radio 2UE (formerly a broadcaster on 2GB) Has Been Inciting against many Ethno Religious Communities in and from this Country

Dear Sir/Madam

At about 2.50 am, Friday 30th of October 2009 your night time host Jim Ball continued his anti-Muslim invective based on allegedly some overseas articles including Bat Yeor and Melanie Phillips writings. He has done so in many times in the past. All other occasions including last night he failed to mention that many of his poisonous sources of information are Zionists, Jewish and anti Muslim in nature! Last week Jim Ball went on to incite against Muslims because of Shiekh Haron (attached). I then rang up your night time producer Tom and asked him to inform Jim that Shiekh Haron was accused of something and he was not convicted of any crime. I also told him to remind Jim that when a non-Muslim commits any crime no one expects the respective community and community leaders to come out and condemn their fellow member. Therefore no one should expect Muslim community and Muslim leaders to condemn any individual’s alleged crime. Let’s stop any trial by media as well as stop inciting against Muslims based on Israel centric tradition. Tom agreed to pass the message to Jim. It appears Jim is careless and he is determined to maintaining his popular sport i.e. Islam and Arab bashing!

It becomes a must to add ADOPTED AGENDA OF THE WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM, RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, XENOPHOBIA AND RELATED INTOLERANCE (Durban, 31 August-7 September 2001), Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism April 21, 2009 and Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Speech to the UN General Assembly (Sep-23-2009) and ask anyone and everyone, specially people who are condemning Iran and President Ahmedinejad including some countries who went on to boycott above speeches by claiming that they are “anti-Semitic” etc. etc. These country leaders and shockjocks who have been deliberately and blatantly inciting against Iran and President Ahmedinejad based on the above speeches must inform us which parts of these documents and speeches are wrong, incorrect and unacceptable?

Good people of Australia are rejecting Greg Sheridan's spin "Boycott is a triumph of principle" as evidenced in this thread. In the Australian media and parliament no body bothered to have a debate about this important issue! Alan Gold (author) is a Zionist spin doctor and Rupert Murdoch's "The Australian" failed to disclose his vested interests. Yet Alan went on to instruct Prime Minister Kevin Rudd not to attend the conference and he wroteSmith should avoid racist conference”.

I therefore would like to ask you to let me know which part(s) of the above links are not true, inaccurate, racist, offensive or bad. I also ask you to stop Jim Ball from inciting against Muslims and Iranians again.

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed


Agenda item 7

ADOPTION OF THE AGENDA Note by the Secretary-General
The agenda of the World Conference as adopted by the Conference on 31 August 2001 is reproduced below.

1. Opening of the Conference.
2. Election of the President.
3. Opening addresses.
4. Adoption of the rules of procedure.
5. Election of the other officers of the Conference.
6. Credentials of representatives to the Conference.
(a) Appointment of the Credentials Committee;
(b) Report of the Credentials Committee.
7. Adoption of the agenda.
8. Organization of work.
9. Conference themes:

- Sources, causes, forms and contemporary manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

- Victims of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

- Measures of prevention, education and protection aimed at the eradication of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance at the national, regional and international levels.

- Provision of effective remedies, recourse, redress, compensatory* and other measures at the national, regional and international levels.

- Strategies to achieve full and effective equality, including international cooperation and enhancement of United Nations and other international mechanisms in combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, and follow-up.

10. Adoption of the final document and the report of the Conference.

* The use of the word "compensatory" is without prejudice to any outcome of this conference.

Sources: 1.…

2. Yahoo Q and A

Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism April 21, 2009

by Jeremy R. Hammond

Ahmadinejad speaks at the U.N. conference on racism (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

Ahmadinejad speaks at the U.N. conference on racism (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

This is a rush transcript of the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks at the United Nations Durban Review Conference on racism in Geneva, Switzerland, on April 20, 2009. Transcribed from the translation given in the U.N. webcast of the speech.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful… [Protestors in clown costumes escorted out by security] May he bestow upon his prophets… Praise be upon Allah, the Almighty, who is just, kind, and compassionate. May he bestow upon his prophets his blessings and his grace from Adam to Noah; Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and His last prophet, Mohammed. Peace be upon them all who are the harbingers of monotheism, fraternity, love … [Applause] … human dignity and justice.

Mr. Chairman. I call upon all distinguished guests to forgive these ignorant people.

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise be upon Allah, the Almighty, who is just, kind, and compassionate, and praise and salutations of the Almighty God to the great prophet. May he bestow upon [us] His blessings, His grace. We thank the Almighty God. Praise be upon him who is just and who is compassionate. And the salutations and regards of Allah to his prophets, from Noah to Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and his last prophet Mohammed. Peace be upon them all who are the harbingers of monotheism, fraternity, love, human dignity, and justice.

Mr. Chairman. Honorable Secretary General of the United Nations. Madam High Commissioner. Ladies and Gentleman. We have gathered here in the follow up to the Durban conference against racism and racial discrimination to work out practical mechanisms for our holy and humanitarian campaigns. Over the last centuries, humanity has gone through tremendous suffering and pain. In the middle ages, thinkers and scientists were sentenced to death. It was then followed by a period of slavery and slave trade, when innocent people in millions were captivated and separated from their families and loved ones, to be taken to Europe and America under worse conditions; the dark period that also experienced occupations, lootings, and massacres of innocent people.

Many years passed by before nations rose up and fought for their liberty and freedom, and they paid a high price. They lost millions of lives to expel the occupiers and proclaim their independence. However, it did not take long that the coercive powers imposed two wars in Europe which also plagued a part of Asia and Africa. Those horrific wars claimed about 100 million lives and left behind massive devastation. Had lessons been learned from the occupations, horrors, and crimes of those wars, there would have been a ray of hope for the future. The victorious powers called themselves the conquerors of the world while ignoring or downtreading the rights of other nations by the imposition of oppressive laws and international arrangements.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us take a look at the U.N. Security Council, which is one of the legacies of World War II and World War I. What was the logic behind their granting themselves the veto rights? How can such a logic comply with humanitarian or spiritual values? Could it be in conformity with the recognized principles of justice, equality before law, love, and human dignity? [Applause] Or rather, with discrimination, injustice, violation of human rights, or humiliation of the majority of nations and countries?

That Council is the highest decision-making world body for safeguarding the international peace and security. How can we expect the realization of justice and peace when discrimination is legalized and the origin of law is dominated by coercion and force rather than by justice and the right?

Coercion and arrogance is the origin of oppression and wars. Although today many proponents of racism condemn racial discrimination in their words and in their slogans, a number of powerful countries have been authorized to decide for other nations based on their own interests and at their own discretions. And they can easily ridicule and violate all laws and humanitarian values, as they have done so.

Following World War II, they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless on the pretext of Jewish sufferings. And they sent migrants from Europe, the United States, and other parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine… [Delegates walk out in protest. Applause] And in fact in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe… Okay, please. Thank you. And in fact in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive, racist regime in Palestine. [Applause]

The Security Council helped stabilize this occupation regime and supported it in the past 60 years, giving them a free hand to continue their crimes. It is all the more regrettable that a number of Western governments and the United States have committed themselves to defend those racist perpetrators of genocide whilst the awakened conscience and free minded people of the world condemn aggression, brutalities and bombardments of civilians in Gaza. They have always been supportive or silent against their crimes. And before that, they have always been silent with regard to their crimes.

Distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen, what are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq or invasion of Afghanistan? [Shouts from audience] What are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq invasion of Afghanistan? Was the motive behind the invasion of Iraq anything other than the arrogance of the then U.S. administration and the mounting pressures on the part of the owner of wealth and power to expand their sphere of influence, seeking the interests of giant arms manufacturing companies, affecting a noble culture with thousands of years of historical background, eliminating potential and practical traits of Muslim countries against the useful Zionist regime, or to control and plunder energy resources of the Iraqi people? Why, indeed almost a million people were killed and injured and a few more millions were displaced and became homeless. Why, indeed the Iraqi people have suffered enormous losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. And why was hundreds of billions of dollars imposed on the American people and its allies as a result of these military actions? Wasn’t the military action against Iraq planned by the Zionists and their allies in the then U.S. administration in complicity with the arms manufacturing companies and the owner of the wealth?

The invasion of Afghanistan; restore peace, security, and economic well being in this country. The United StatesAfghanistan, but also the illicit cultivation of narcotics multiplied in the course of their presence. The basic question is: What was the responsibility of the job of the then U.S. and its allies not only have failed to contain [?] in administration and its allies? Did it represent the world? Have they been mandated by them? Have they been authorized on behalf of the people of the world to interfere in all parts of the globe? And of course mostly in our region aren’t these measures a clear example of egocentrism, racism, discrimination, or infringement upon the dignity and independence of nations?

Ladies and gentlemen, who are responsible for the current global economic crisis? Where did the crisis start from? From Africa? From Asia? Or was it first from the United States, then spreading to Europe and to their allies? For a long time they imposed inequitable economic regulations. By their political power on the international economy they imposed a financial and a monetary system without a proper international oversight mechanism on nations and governments that played no role in the repressive trends or policies. They have not even allowed their people to oversee of monitor their financial policies. They introduce all laws and regulations in defiance to all moral values only to protect the interests of the owners of wealth and power. They further presented a definition of market economy and competition that denied many of the economic opportunities that could be available to other countries of the world. They even transferred their problems to others whilst the wave of crisis lashed back, plaguing their economies with thousands of billions of dollars in budget deficits. And today, they are injecting hundreds of billions of cash from the pockets of their own people into the failing banks companies and financial institutions making the situation more and more complicated for the economy and their people. They are simply thinking about maintaining power and wealth. They couldn’t care any less about the people of the world and even about their own people.

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, racism is rooted in the lack of knowledge concerning the truth of human existence as the selected creature of God. It is also the product of his deviation from the true path of human life and the obligations of mankind in the world of creation. Failing to consciously worship God, not being able to think about the philosophy of life or the path to perfection that are the main ingredients of divine and humanitarian values, have restricted the horizon of human outlook, making transient and limited interests a yardstick for his actions.

That is why the cells of the Devil’s power took shape and expanded its realm of power by depriving others from enjoying equitable and just opportunities to development. The result has been the making of an unbridled racism that is posing the most serious threat against the international peace and has hindered the way for building peaceful coexistence in the entire world. Undoubtedly, racism is the symbol of ignorance which has deep roots in history. And it is indeed a sign of frustration in the development of human society. It is therefore crucially important to trace the manifestations of racism in situations or in societies where ignorance or lack of knowledge prevails in the societies. This increasing general awareness and understanding towards the philosophy of human existence is the principle struggle against such manifestations; which is the key to understanding the truth that humankind centers on the creation of the universe, and the key to a return to the spiritual and moral values, and finally the inclination to worship God the Almighty. The international community must initiate collective moves to raise awareness in the afflicted societies where the ignorance of racism still prevails so as to bring to a halt the spread of these malicious manifestations.

Dear friends, today the human community is facing a kind of racism which has tarnished the image of humanity in the beginning of the third millennium. The world Zionism personifies racism that falsely resorts to religion and abuse religious sentiments to hide their hatred and ugly faces. However, it is of great importance to bring into focus the political goals of some of the world powers and those who control huge economic resources and interests in the world. They mobilize all their resources, including their economic and political influence and world media to render support in vain to the Zionist regime, and maliciously endeavor to diminish the indignity and disgrace of this regime. This is not simply a question of ignorance, and one cannot conquer this ugly phenomenon through cultural campaigns. Efforts must be made to put an end to the abuse by Zionists and their supporters of political and international means and respect of the will and aspirations of nations. Governments must be encouraged and supported in their fights aimed at eradicating this barbaric racism [applause] and to move towards reforming … [applause] … the current international mechanisms.

There is no doubt that you are all aware of the conspiracies of some powers and Zionist circles against the goals and objectives of this conference. Unfortunately, there has been literature and statements in support of Zionism and their crimes, and it is the responsibility of honorable representatives of nations to disclose these campaigns which run counter to humanitarian values and principles. It should be recognized that boycotting such a session as an outstanding international capacity is a true indication of supporting the blatant example of racism.

In defending human rights it is primarily important to defend the rights of all nations to participate equally in all important international decision making processes without the influence of certain world powers. And secondly it is necessary to restructure the existing international organizations and their respective arrangements. Therefore this conference is a testing ground and the world public opinion today and tomorrow will judge our decisions and our actions [applause].

Mr. President. Mr President. Ladies and gentlemen. The world is going through fundamental changes, radical fundamental changes. Power relations have become so weak and fragile. The sounds of cracks in the pillars of world oppression can now be heard. Major political and economic structures are at the brink of collapse. Political and security crises are on the rise. The worsening crises in the world economy for which there can be seen no bright prospect, amply demonstrate the rising tide of far reaching global changes. I have repeatedly emphasized the need the change the wrong direction in which the world has been managed today. And I have also warned of the dire consequences of any delay in this crucial responsibility.

Now, in this and valuable event, I would like to announce here to all leaders thinkers, and to all nations of the world present in this meeting and those who have a hunger for peace and economic well being, that the management, the inequitable and unjust management of the world, is now at the end of the road. This deadlock was inevitable since the logic of this imposed management was oppressive.

The logic of collective management of world affairs is based on noble aspirations which centers on human beings and the supremacy of the Almighty God. Therefore it defies any policy or plan which goes against the interest of nations. Victory of the right over the wrong and establishment of a just world system have been promised by the Almighty God and his messengers and it has been a shared goal of all human beings from different societies and generations in the course of history. Realization of such a future depends upon the knowledge of the creation and the belief in the hearts of all the faithful [applause]. The making of a global society is in fact the accomplishment of a noble held in the establishment of a common global system that will be run with the participation of all nations of the world in all major and basic decision making processes and the definite route to this sublime goal. Scientific and technical capacities as well as communication technologies have created a common and wider spread understanding of the world society and has provided the necessary ground for a common system.

Now it is incumbent upon all intellectuals, thinkers, and policy makers in the world to carry out their historical responsibility with firm belief to this definite route, I also want to lay emphasis on the fact that the western liberalism and capitalism, like communism, has reached to its end since it has failed to perceive the truth of the world and humankind as it is. It has imposed its own goals and directions on human beings with no regard for human and divine values, justice, freedom, love, or brotherhood; has based the living on the intensive competition securing individual and collective material interests.

Now we must learn from the past by initiating collective efforts by dealing with present challenges, and in this connection and in closing my remarks I wish to draw your kind attention to two important points. One: It is absolutely possible to improve the existing situation in the world. However, it must be noted that it could only be achieved through the cooperation of all countries in order to get the best out of existing capacities and resources in the world. My participation in this conference is because of my conviction of these important issues, as well as to our common responsibility to defending the rights of nations vis-a-vis the sinister phenomenon of racism, and being with you, the thinkers of the world. [Applause]

Two: Mindful of the inefficacy of the current international political, economic, and security systems on the world scene, it is necessary to focus on the divine and humanitarian values and by referring to the true definition of human beings, and based upon justice and respect for the rights of all people in all parts of the world, and by acknowledging the past wrongdoings in the past dominant management of the world undertake collective measures to reform the existing structures. In this respect, it is crucially important to reform the structure of the Security Council, including the elimination of the discriminatory veto right … [applause] … and change the current world and financial monetary systems. It is evident that lack of understanding on the urgency for change is equivalent to the much heavier costs of delay.

Dear friends, be aware that to move in the direction of justice and human dignity is like the national rapid flow in the current of a river. Let us not forget the essence of love and affection, the promised bright future of human beings is a great asset that will serve our purpose in keeping us together to build a new world and to make the world a better place full of love fraternity and blessings; a world devoid of poverty and hatred, [inaudible] the increasing blessings of God Almighty and the righteous management of the perfect human being. Let us all join hands in amity in playing our share in the fulfillment such a decent new world.

I thank you Mr. President, Secretary General, and all distinguished participants for having the patience to listen to me. Thank you very much.

Source: Full Text of President Ahmadinejad’s Remarks at U.N. Conference on Racism April 21, 2009

Iranian President Ahmadinejad's Speech to the UN General Assembly (Sep-23-2009)

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful, "All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, and peace and blessing be upon our Master and Prophet, Mohammad, and his pure Household, and his noble Companions". "Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attest to his rightfulness"

Mr. President, Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen,

I thank the Almighty God for granting me, once more, this opportunity to address this important international meeting.

I wish to begin by congratulating you, Mr. President, for having assumed the presidency of the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly and wish you all the success. I also extend my thanks to H.E. Mr. Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, President of the 63rd Session of the General Assembly, for his excellent stewardship of the work of the General Assembly during his term.

Over the past four years I have talked to you concerning the main challenges facing our world. I have talked about the roots and underlying causes of these challenges and the need for the world powers to review their outlook and workout new mechanisms to address the pressing international problems. I have talked about the two conflicting outlooks prevailing in our world; one that is based on the predominance of its materialistic interests through spreading inequality and oppression, poverty and deprivation, aggression, occupation and deception, and tends to bring the entire world under its control and impose its will on other nations. This outlook has produced nothing but frustration, disappointment and a dark future for the entire humanity.

The other outlook is the one that spouses with the belief in the oneness of the Almighty God, follows the teaching of His messengers, respects human dignity and seeks to build a secure world for all members of the human community, in which everybody can equally enjoy the blessings of sustainable peace and spirituality. The latter is an outlook that respects all human beings, nations, and valuable cultures in defiance of all types of discrimination in the world, and commits itself into a constant fight to promote equality for all before the law on the basis of justice and fraternity, laying a solid foundation to guarantee equal access for all human beings in their quest to excel in knowledge and science.

I have laid emphasis time and again on the need to make fundamental changes in the current attitudes towards the world and the human being in order to be able to create a bright tomorrow.

Friends and Colleagues; Today, I wish to share with you a few points about the changes that should take place.

First: Clearly, continuation of the current circumstances in the world is impossible. The present inequitable and unfavorable conditions run counter to the very nature of human kind and move in a direction which contravenes the truth and the goal behind the creation of the world.

It is no longer possible to inject thousands of billions of dollars of unreal wealth to the world economy simply by printing worthless paper assets, or transfer inflation as well as social and economic problems to others through creating sever budget deficits. The engine of unbridled capitalism with its unfair system of thought has reached the end of road and is unable to move. The era of capitalist thinking and . imposition of one's thoughts on the international community, intended to predominate the world in the name of globalization and the age of setting up empires is over. It is no longer possible to humiliate nations and impose double standard policies on the world community.

Approaches in which realization of the interests of certain powers is considered as the only criteria to weigh democracy, and using the ugliest methods of intimidation and deceit under the mantle of freedom as a democratic practice, and approaches through which sometimes dictators are portrayed as democrats, lack legitimacy and must be totally rejected.

The time has come to an end for those who define democracy and freedom and set standards whilst they themselves are the first who violate its fundamental principles. They can no longer sit both the judge and the executor and challenge the real democratically- established governments.

The awakening of nations and the expansion of freedom worldwide will no longer allow them to continue their hypocrisy and vicious attitudes. Because of all these reasons most nations including the people of the Untied States are waiting for real and profound changes. They have welcomed and will continue to welcome changes.

How can one imagine that the inhuman policies in Palestine may continue; to force the entire population of a country out of their homeland for more than 60 years by resorting to force and coercion; to attack them with all types of arms and even prohibited weapons; to deny them of their legitimate right of self-defense, while much to the chagrin of the international community calling the occupiers as the peace lovers, and portraying the victims as terrorists.

How can the crimes of the occupiers against defenseless women and children and destruction of their homes, farms, hospitals and schools be supported unconditionally by certain governments, and at the same time, the oppressed men and women be subject to genocide and heaviest economic blockade being denied of their basic needs, food, water and medicine.

They are not even allowed to rebuild their homes which were destroyed during the 22-day barbaric attacks by the Zionist regime while the winter is approaching. Whereas the aggressors and their supporters deceitfully continue their rhetoric in defense of human rights in order to put others under pressure.

It is no longer acceptable that a small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks, and establish a new form of slavery, and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the U.S., to attain its racist ambitions.

It is not acceptable that some who are several thousands of kilometers away from the Middle East would send their troops for military intervention and for spreading war, bloodshed, aggression, terror and intimidation in the whole region while blaming the protests of nations in the region, that are concerned about their fate and their national security, as a move against peace and as interference in others' affairs. Look at the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is no longer possible to bring a country under military occupation in the name of fight against terrorism and drug trafficking while the production of illicit drugs has multiplied, terrorism has widened its dimensions and has tightened its grips, thousands of innocent people have been killed, injured or displaced, infrastructures have been destroyed and regional security has been seriously jeopardized; and those who have created the current disastrous situation continue to blame others. How you can talk about friendship and solidarity with other nations while you expand your military bases in different parts of the world including in Latin America. This situation cannot continue. It is all the more impossible to advance expansionist and inhuman policies on the basis of militaristic logic. The logic of coercion and intimidation will produce dire consequences, exacerbating the present global problems.

It is not acceptable that the military budget of some governments exceeds far larger than those of the entire countries of the world. They export billions of dollars of arms every year, stockpile chemical and biological weapons, establish military bases or have military presence in other countries while accusing others of militarism, and mobilize all their resources in the world to impede scientific and technological progress of other nations under the pretext of countering arms proliferation. It is not acceptable that the United Nations and the Security Council, whose decisions must represent all nations and governments by the application of the most democratic methods in their decision making processes, be dominated by a few governments and serve their interests. In a world where cultures, thoughts and public opinions should be the determining factors, the continuation of the present situation is impossible, and fundamental changes seem to be unavoidable.

Second: Any change must be structural and fundamental both in theory and practice, involving all domains of our life. The outdated mechanisms which themselves were instrumental in and the root cause for present problems in human societies can never be used to bring changes and create our desired world. Liberalism and capitalism that have alienated human beings from heavenly and moral values will never bring happiness for humanity because they are the main source of all misfortune wars, poverty and deprivation.

We have all seen that how the inequitable economic structures controlled by certain political interests have been used to plunder national wealth of countries for the benefit of a group of corrupt business giants. The present structures are incapable of reforming the present situation.

The political and economic structures created following the World War II that was based on intentions to dominate the world failed to promote justice and lasting security.

Rulers whose hearts do not beat for the love of humankind and who sacrificed the spirit of justice in their minds never offer the promise of peace and friendship to humanity. By the grace of God, Marxism is gone. It is now history. The expansionist Capitalism will certainly have the same fate. Because based on the divine traditions referred to as a principle in the Holy Quran, the wrong like the bubbles on the surface of water, will disappear. There remains only what that can be used forever towards the interest of human societies.

We must all remain vigilant to prevent the pursuit of colonialist, discriminatory and inhuman goals under the cover of the slogans for change and in new formats. The world needs to undergo fundamental changes and all must engage collectively to make them happen in the right direction, and through such efforts no one and no government would consider itself an exception to change or superior to others and try to impose its will on others by proclaiming world leadership.

Third: All problems existing in our world today emanate from the fact that rulers have distanced themselves from human values, morality and the teachings of divine messengers. Regrettably, in the current international relations, selfishness and insatiable greed have taken the place of such humanitarian concepts as love, sacrifice, dignity, and justice. The belief in the One God has been replaced with selfishness.

Some have taken the place of God and insist to impose their values and wishes on others. Lies have taken the place of honesty; hypocrisy has replaced integrity and selfishness has taken the place of sacrifice. Deception in interactions is called foresight and statesmanship; looting the wealth of other nations is called development efforts; occupation is introduced as a gift towards promotion of freedom and democracy, and defenseless nations are subjected to repression in the name of defending human rights.

Friends and Colleagues;

Settlement of global problems and administration of justice and maintenance of peace will only be materialized with collective determination and cooperation of all nations and states. The age of polarizing the world on the premises of the hegemony or domination of a few governments is over.

Today we must rise together in a collective commitment against the present challenges; we must take change seriously and help others through collective work to return to the basic moral and human values. Messengers were sent by God to show the light of the truth to human kind, they came to make people aware of their individual and social obligations. Piety, having faith to Allah and its judgment of human behavior or conduct in the next world, belief in the primacy of justice in both lives, seeking one's happiness, well being and security in the happiness, well-being and security of others, respecting human kind, making efforts to expand love and compassion against hostility were all on top of the teachings offered by the Messengers of God from Adam to Noah, from Noah to Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and the last one Prophet Mohamamd (PUH). All of them came to do something to eliminate war and ignorance, to eradicate poverty and uproot discrimination in order to spread happiness in the entire world. They are the best gifts that God Almighty has granted to human beings.

If the belief in Entezar( A waiting patiently for the Imam to return) will turn into a common and we join hands to achieve prosperity for all, then there will be more real and increasing hopes for reform.

Fourth: In my opinion, we have several important agendas in front of us. The Secretary-General and the UN General Assembly can take the lead by undertaking necessary measures for the fulfillment of our shared goals on the basis of:

1. Restructuring the United Nations in order to transform this world body to an efficient and fully democratic organization, capable of playing an impartial, equitable, and effective role in the international relations; reforming the structure of the Security Council, specially by abolishing the discriminatory privilege of veto right; restoration of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people by organizing a referendum and free elections in Palestine in order to prepare a conducive ground for all Palestinian populations, including Muslims, Christians and Jews to live together in peace and harmony; putting an end to all types of interferences in the affairs of Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East, and in all countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

As our great Prophet said, a government may survive with blasphemy, but never with oppression. Oppression against Palestinians and violation of their rights still continue; a new group of Palestinians who lived in al-Qod al-Sharif were again forced out of their homes as the destruction of their residential homes continues by the occupiers; bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan have not yet sopped; and Guantanamo Prison has not yet been shut down and there are still secret prisons in Europe.

Continuation of the present situation adds to hostilities and violence. Oppression and military aggression must be stopped. Regrettably, official reports concerning the brutalities of the Zionist regime in Gaza have not been completely published. The Secretary-General and the United Nations have crucial responsibilities in this respect and the international community is impatiently waiting for the punishment of the aggressors and the murderers of the defenseless people of Gaza.

2. Reforming the current economic structures and setting up a new international economic order based on human and moral values and obligations. A new course is needed that would help promote justice and progress worldwide by flourishing the potentials and talents of all nations thus bringing well-being for all and for future generations;

3. Reforming the international political relations based on the promotion of lasting peace and friendship, eradication of arms race and elimination of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;

4. Reforming cultural structures , respect for diverse customs and traditions of all nations, fostering moral values and spirituality aimed at institution of family as the backbone of all human societies;

5. Worldwide efforts to protect the environment and full observance of the international agreements and arrangements to prevent the annihilation of nature's non-renewable resources.

Fifth: Our nation has successfully gone through a glorious and fully- democratic election, opening a new chapter for our country in the march towards national progress and enhanced international interactions. They entrusted me once more with a large majority this heavy responsibility.

And now, I want to declare that our great nation that has made great contribution to the world civilization, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the most democratic and progressive governments of the world is ready to mobilize all its cultural, political and economic capabilities to engage into constructive process aimed at addressing the international concerns and challenges. Our country has been a main victim of terrorism and the target of an all-out military aggression during the first decade of the revolution.

All through the past thirty years we have been subject to hostile attitudes of those who supported Saddam's military aggression and his use of chemical weapons against us, and then they took military action in Iraq to get rid of him. Today, our nation seeks to create a world in which justice and compassion prevail. We announce our commitment to participate in the process of building a durable peace and security worldwide for all nations based on justice, spirituality and human dignity, while being dedicated to strongly defending our legitimate and legal rights.

To materialize these goals, our nation is prepared to warmly shake all those hands which are honestly extended to us. No nation can claim to be free from the need to change and reform in this journey towards perfectness. We welcome real and humane changes and stand ready to actively engage in fundamental global reforms.

Therefore, we emphasize that:

The only path to remain safe is to return to Mmonotheism (believing in the Oneness of God) and justice, and this is the greatest hope and opportunity in all ages and generations. Without belief in God and commitment to the cause of justice and fight against injustice and discrimination, the world architect would not get right.

Man is at the center of the universe. The man's unique feature is his humanity. The same feature which seeks for justice, piety, love, knowledge, awareness and all other high values. These human values should be supported, and each and every fellow humans should be given the opportunity to acquire them. Neglecting any of them is tantamount to the omission of a constituting piece of humanity. These are common elements which connect all human communities and constitute the basis of peace, security and friendship.

The divine religions pay attention to all aspects of human life, including obedience to God, morality, justice, fighting oppression, and endeavor to establish just and good governance. Prophet Abraham called for Oneness of God against Nimrod, as Prophet Moses did the same against Pharaohs and the Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon them) did against the oppressors of their own time. They were all threatened to death and were forced out of their homelands. Without resistance and objection, the injustices would not be removed from the face of the earth.

Sixth: Dear friends and colleagues;

The world is in continuous change and evolution. The promised destiny for the mankind is the establishment of the humane pure life. Will come a time when justice will prevail across the globe and every single human being will enjoy respect and dignity. That will be the time when the Mankind's path to moral and spiritual perfectness will be opened and his journey to God and the manifestation of the God's Divine Names will come true. The mankind should excel to represent the God's "knowledge and wisdom", His "compassion and benevolence", His "justice and fairness", His "power and art", and His "kindness and forgiveness".

These will all come true under the rule of the Perfect Man, the last Divine Source on earth, Hazrat Mahdi (Peace be upon him); an offspring of the Prophet of Islam, who will re-emerge, and Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) and other noble men will accompany him in the accomplishment of this, grand universal mission. And this is the belief in Entezar (Awaiting patiently for the Imam to return). Waiting with patience for the rule of goodness and the governance of the best which is a universal human notion and which is a source of nations' hope for the betterment of the world.

They will come, and with the help of righteous people and true believers will materialize the man's long-standing desires for freedom, perfectness, maturity, security and tranquility, peace and beauty. They will come to put an end to war and aggression and present the entire knowledge as well as spirituality and friendship to the whole world.

Yes; Indeed, the bright future for the mankind will come.

Dear friends,

In waiting for that brilliant time to come and in a collective commitment, let's make due contributions in paving the grounds and preparing the conditions for building that bright future.

Long live love and spirituality; long live peace and security; long live justice and freedom.

God's Peace and blessing be upon you all.

Courtesy: Payvand News

Source: Full text of Ahmadinejad's Speech to the UN General Assembly (Sep-23-2009)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyond Taxi Corruption

Beyond Taxi Corruption

Further to
Members of Parliament and media outlets, Beyond the NSW Taxi Royal Commission, An Open Letter to NSW Premier Nathan Rees and Taxi Washer to Taxi Mafia the director General of Transport and Infrastructure invited people at meetings without agenda!

The Power of the Taxi Mafia is beyond anyone’s imagination! A little taxi washer became taxi mafia and now he is the bus mafia!! It is beggar’s belief no one virtually can drive a private bus in this state without his (actually his mate’s) permission!!! He never had any interest in the bus industry. However, a few years ago the government of NSW gave one of his companies a very lucrative deal to construct buses. Most of these buses are not in a very good condition and full of problems. Yet, the mafia and his Cabcharge are making lots of money contrary to the state and public interest.

Taxi Industry Corruption

ICAC Submission provides a good picture of the industry. My initial submission and final submission to the AIRC contain lots of useful evidence to understand the industry. The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers presents a picture of 1984 sell out by the NSW TWU. The Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies adds some light on how did they pass the burden of gas and wash to bailee drivers’ shoulder illegally! The AIRC transcript is like a “scary canary” trying to expose many crimes and corruption in front of seven judges under pressure.

My Final submission to the AIRC

final submission is like an on tray and I have received a few positive comments from interstate people. I hope this submission may encourage some people to think constructively. However, I got very little hope for `lovely' people of ozcabs and Peer.
As agreed, the NSW TDA submission may contain all other heavy items as well as Justice West decision debacle and detailed dominant control initiated by the NSW DoT and ACCC.
My initial submission which may have opened the flood gate for taxi drivers to be considered as an employee with a 38 hour week or safer alternatives according to the case law and statute law of the land is available for study or comment if you like.
My final submission is not the final one due to poverty and lack of resources. However, I have forwarded the one below as a final submission. It appears I have to communicate with the good people of the Award Modernisation Team politely to upgrade my lousy interim submission to final submission on top of my initial submission.

Sydney Taxi Corruption

Final submission to the AIRC

Further to my previous submission I add the following for your consideration:
In regards to the Taxi industry in particular the history of the NSW Transport Workers Union, NSW Labor party and NSW Industrial Relations system are intertwined, revealing and informative. Taxi workers of this state have, in real terms have been made voiceless they have lost almost everything due to corruption, incompetence, deliberate marginalisation or outright being blocked. Various and numerous tactics and effective and efficient tools of diversion like racism and sectarianism were used to achieve those negative outcomes. As part of what has and is occurring in the taxi industry is the efforts to cover up wrongdoings, to deny any accountability, and to attack and vilify any person or group that is seen as speaking or seeking for truth for balance. Also lacking is, consideration of listening to those acting for all stakeholders including bailees and for fairness towards those other stakeholders. This whole industry and the businesses associated with it are astoundingly out of kilter.

According to many schools of thought, John Howard initiated the Fair Pay Australia to basically strip down workers rights! By comparison we taxi drivers have lost almost everything and we are at a point where the very miniscule remaining is under major threat leaving us with zero! Therefore, we are trying to argue the fact and remind all who will listen and will act on the reality, that:
NSW Taxi Drivers are defined in state Industrial Relations Law as bailees, with employee type protections and a few minimum income conditions as mentioned in
Taxi drivers of other states are not defined as employees or bailees. This limbo state is bringing lawlessness and insecurity in the taxi industry. The whole decayed system is costing the taxpayers to the tune of two billion dollars per year which goes to satisfy the lust and greed of a few private profit making companies and individuals connected with the taxi industry
Obviously, we need a second or third way to protect the Australian taxi workers and remove the unjust and inhumane influence of the entrenched powers or taxi mafia and their subordinates and cohorts in the NSW Labor Party and Transport Workers Union so as to ensure some fairness, justice and decency.
The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers, Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies, the letter to Mr. Mark Lennon and the letter to the Director General of the Attorney General of NSW department clearly support a case of defining and redefining taxi drivers of Australia. This includes providing them protection, like employees have and to remove the influence altogether, of the entrenched powers or taxi mafia as it is often described, in this industry.
"Rotten NSW IRC", CC Connor Must Resign" and my unanswered letter to Mr. Mark Lennon dated 27th of December 2008 clearly reveal and strongly point to the dysfunctional nature and culture that is tearing apart the NSW taxi industry. Therefore a new Federal system should be brought in to rectify the major anomalies and structural defects of this industry.
My communications as mentioned in my previous submission involving the NSW Ministry of Transport and IPART NSW clearly demonstrates the absurd nature of accounting where they refused to factor in the essential element of the labour component in and as part of the taxi meter rate (fare box). It is also significant to note that the NSW IRC also neglected and failed to consider the labour component in the Taxi Industry Award (Contract Determination).

Faruque Ahmed
Veteran Taxi Industry Activist, Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email: union_faruque@...
Saturday, July 18, 2009

Faruque Ahmed
P.O. Box – 349, Alexandria - 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

Mr. Mark LennonSecretaryUnions NSW
Level 3,4 - 10 Goulburn StreetSydney NSW 2000
Telephone: (02) 9881 5999Fax: (02) 9261 3505
Email: mail@...

Dear Mark

Please examine attached documents below like Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law, The NSW TWU's Crime against Taxi Drivers and Labor Party Leaders and Lawyers Unlawful Behavior. The leadership of the NSW TWU has been compromising bailee taxi drivers' welfare and safety since 1979 and as a result the taxi drivers are voting with their feet and are forming and have formed alternative associations to put forward their concerns. The sad part is even to day, the NSW TWU is acting against us at every available opportunity. As you would be aware, the manner in which the NSW Industrial Relations Act is constructed it is extremely difficult for genuine taxi workers or workers in general to gain recognition at the Industrial Commission because the historically recognized and registered industrial organization is the NSW Transport Workers Union (TWU).

They neither wish to relinquish their power nor do they wish to represent taxi industry workers fairly and properly. The evidence for such a claim is undeniable and is provided below.

I wonder is it possible to bring some sense to the NSW TWU leadership who think the labor movement and workers under their industrial umbrella are their captives and they can "molest" them, ignore them or choose to favour one section over the other at any time, without fear of being called to account?
I like many others have had enough of them.

With thanks
Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed
Saturday, December 27, 2008
Rotten NSW IRC

Taxi industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination 1984 – The Application for it's variation was unusually absent from the regular law list column of the Sydney Morning Herald dated Monday 6th of July 2009. Mike found out about it electronically on Sunday night (Monday morning) via the secondary means of it being listed for hearing by the NSW IRC website. After discovering this he ran to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission the following morning. Apart from the NSW Transport Workers Union and NSW Taxi Industry Association, all other key stake holders and their representatives were missing and did not put in an appearance! For some reason not completely clear to us at the present, the matter itself was adjourned that day for a new date for hearing on Friday, July 17, 2009.

However we found out on Tuesday night that the hearing was in fact to be at 11.00 am, Wednesday 15th of July 2009. Most of us then scrambled, got organized and made our way to the NSW IRC on that new and earlier date. We were told that the President of the NSW IRC had called all of the judges and commissioners to inform them that from now on, according to new and impending legislation by the Rudd led Federal government, that from very shortly onwards all of the conciliation hearings will be heard by Commissioners and arbitration hearing will be heard by Judges in the NSW IRC, and that this would occur in nearly all other states! Thus, we were then informed, the scheduled hearing set for 11.00 am that day would now be held at 2.00 pm, as all Commissioners and Judges at the NSW IRC were called away to hear from their IRC President for fuller details on this topic. This calling away by their superior took precedent over any other listed matter.

While Mike and Jools were departing from the Commission, they observed CC Connor and a few officials and lawyers from the NSW Taxi Industry Association were walking together towards a restaurant outside. A few minutes later Faruque also saw them together at that local eatery! It painted a very cosy and revealing picture to any interested observer. The Commissioner and no one else but the bailor's representatives both going together for their morning tea break.

Later just before 2.00 pm, prior to the hearing the TWU lawyers hurriedly arrived and as they did so one asked Mike, "Do you think we are going to have any fire works today from the third parties in this matter?" (He was referring to Faruque's possible appearance or intervention during the proceedings).
Mike smiled to the TWU legal advocates and a short time later spoke to Faruque about those comments. Faruque's reply was, "I will keep it quite if things go all right. However, if they or anyone apply their usual tricks against bailee drivers, then I will stand up and do whatever I think is fit and appropriate to do".

At 2.00 pm the hearing begun with Connor's usual verbal tricks. The TIA lawyers went on to ask for all the money in lifting the Pay In for their bailor client. The TWU lawyer opposed the TIA lawyer by using valid and well presented points in his response. This was possibly a first for the TWU. Connor went on to elbow him out! Michael Jools who lodged a submission to the Commission a week earlier, he then stood up to attempt to intervene and be heard on behalf of bailee drivers. Within 30 seconds Connor `knocked him down' verbally, all with an undeniable urgency and desire to hand over the meter increase money across to the taxi bosses, by lifting the Pay Ins.

Faruque then stood up to intervene and to be heard and asked CC Connor to step aside and not to hear the matter. He did so politely and with due courtesy. As part of his sparkling presentation he handed over his document titled
CC Connor Must Resign (shown below) to all parties including Connor. Connor accepted the document labeling it as Exhibit 3. No other parties raised objections about the contents of CC Connor Must Resign letter at that time.

CC Connor and Faruque then had a few interesting exchanges like, "Mr. Ahmed you should have spoken earlier, it is too late now, …. I am already hearing the matter and I can't stop it now, …. ". During these exchanges we found out many inaccuracies, selective memory losses and cruel jokes coming from Connor. Regardless of what was said to him, he handed over the money from the taxi meter to the taxi bosses (bailors) without considering bailees (workers) income at all. It was another sad moment for all the taxi workers of this state.

Mike and Faruque

CC Connor Must Resign

Submission to CC Connor Re: IRC9/907 - Taxi industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination 1984 – Application for a variation of a CD on Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Dear CC Connor,
With due respect I would like to request you to step aside from hearing the matter mentioned above due to the following reasons that I will now briefly outline. So with your kind permission I will continue:
1. In NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993 the bailors made a harsh, unjust, oppressive, immoral, wrongful and illegal application to pass the costs of fuel and wash to bailee drivers. The NSW Transport Workers Union leadership knew that they can not agree with such a harsh, unjust, oppressive, immoral, wrongful, illegal and unprecedented proposal from and in favour of the bailors. The TWU lawyer said, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date" and they allowed to shift a huge financial burden to bailee drivers with your direct assistance.
2. In the Anthony Denton vs Lewis Lim case you deliberately dismissed the case in favour of the bailor who decided not to appear in front of you to face the music. You said in brief, (and I paraphrase) "if I make a decision with the bailor being absent, it will not assist the bailee; therefore I dismiss the matter"! In other words, you have rewarded the bailor and short changed the bailee driver against his direct wishes and interest! The bailee concerned was there present in the court and you had ample opportunity to consult with him and to do so for the sake of justice, fairness and objectivity, but you failed to do that.
3. In addition, on another point, the taxi cab including the vehicle, two-way radio, gps, camera and all other equipments belong to and are the responsibility of bailors and not the responsibility of any bailees! Yet, despite repeated requests you have passed the responsibility of the E Tag to bailees drivers! During that decision you said, (and I paraphrase) "absence of an E Tag shouldn't disadvantage bailee drivers". Now, the Sydney Harbor Bridge and many other toll ways have removed their cash payment system and this is disadvantaging bailee drivers all the time and this disadvantage extends back even at the time you made your original decision on this issue. Clearly, you did not conduct any so called disadvantage test prior to making your habitual anti-bailee deliberation on that occasion too.
4. Similarly, in another matter you said that you will deliver superannuation for bailee drivers identical to the courier drivers' award that you had delivered earlier. Alas! Here too, you failed to deliver on your promise and in accordance with your responsibilities!!
Most importantly, you have witnessed the huge rumblings of the rank and file bailee drivers, who are legitimate stakeholders in these matters, and their well presented objections in many other taxi related matters. You personally have adopted a manner, attitude and technique to block out valid stakeholders, the bailee drivers and their elected representatives.
Therefore as I believe you are not a fit and proper person due to your blatant prejudice against bailee taxi drivers and you have an undeniable bias towards bailors and their representatives, that have appeared in a number of matters listed before you in the past and present. I am repeating my original request that you step down to hear this matter mentioned above for the sake of fairness and justice.
Faruque Ahmed
Veteran Taxi Industry Activist, Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email: union_faruque@...

Faruque Ahmed
P.O. Box – 349, Alexandria - 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email:

Director General
Attorney General's Department of NSWParramatta Justice Precinct
160 Marsden St Parramatta NSW 2124
DX 1227Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 02 8688 7777 or 1800 684 449Fax: 02 8688 7980

Subject: Labor Party Leaders and Lawyers Unlawful Behavior

Dear Sir/Madam

According to the Taxi Industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination, the bailor is solely responsible for fuel and wash costs for the taxi. However the Taxi Industry Association (NSW TIA) made an application at the NSW IRC in NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993 to pass the responsibility for fuel and wash costs to bailee drivers.

The NSW Transport Workers Union who is supposed to represent the taxi drivers said during the proceedings via their lawyer, Adam Hatcher, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date" and the TWU allowed to have passed a change to the Determination by transferring the cost of fuel and wash to those bailee drivers, contrary to Case and Statute Law.
The good CC Connor who heard the matter mentioned above found the opportunity and then he keenly passed the responsibility of gas and wash to the bailee taxi drivers without any compensation whatsoever to them. He did so despite strenuous objections made to him by myself and other drivers.
The net impact is the weaker party in the chain is carrying the burden while taxi bosses and non active plate investors etc. are laughing all the way to the bank contrary to the public and workers interest. Not long after, the TWU lawyer Adam Hatcher found a chamber at the higher end of the town and became a Barrister! The then NSW TWU boss (Secretary) Steve Hutchins became the president of the NSW Labor Party and eventually a Senator after gaining the number one or first selection on the Senate ballot paper.
For your kind information I am appending some interesting discussions amongst taxi industry activists below.
I therefore would like to request you to open an investigation on why at the time and even to this day:
1. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer ignored bailee taxi drivers requests?
2. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer compromised bailee taxi drivers welfare and interest?
3. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer conspired to wrongfully manipulate the Granville Strike mentioned above?
4. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer frog marched mock members (from the Granville strike and many of whom confessed the illegalities and wrongful actions to me later) to the NSW IRC mentioned above to misrepresent bailee drivers in general?
5. NSW TWU leaders and their then lawyer never made any application to oppose the unlawful arrangement of the payment for fuel and wash as they promised to CC Connor in NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993?
6. Did the NSW TWU leaders and lawyer obtain any benefit out of such a compromise?
7. Why did CC Connor allow this ugly and blatant deal to go ahead without any examination?
8. Did CC Connor gain any benefit for his action and inaction in taxi matters in front of him?
9. Why did CC Connor refuse to accept a labor component in his decision?

With thanks

Sincerely Yours

Faruque Ahmed

Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

According to the law of the land, the bailor is responsible for fuel and wash.

However, at the Industrial Relations Commission the "taxi mafia" made an application to pass the responsibility of fuel and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever.
Further to ICAC Submission, long long ago; a "phantom strike" was called at Granville Taxi Base, Sydney, NSW of the `lucky country'! The TWU trouble shooter named Robert Mayell who used to work around the adjacent area quickly went over there and negotiated a settlement! The `Pay-in' went down by five dollars!!
The following day, a number of taxi drivers were frog marched behind the "messiah" Robert Mayell at the Industrial Commission in front of CC Connor (NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993).
No one is suggesting any conspiracy here! Poor Faruque and a few taxi drivers busted in anger and confronted the "messiah" Robert Mayell and the Transport Workers Union lawyer Adam Hatcher. During that time those new taxi drivers of Granville asked Faruque to be quiet and follow Mayell. Faruque told them, "I do not know who you are and I have not seen you in any of TWU meetings earlier – who are you people and what is the game going on here"?
Later many of these people confessed to Faruque and others that they were not even members of the TWU, many of them were not financial members of the union and the taxi bosses encouraged them to join in the TWU!
During the proceedings, the TWU lawyer said to CC Connor, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date".
The good CC Connor found the opportunity and then he keenly passed the responsibility of gas and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever. He did so despite strenuous objections made to him by Faruque and other drivers.
The decision by CC Connor did not change the bailor/bailee remuneration principle or law, but he made a decision which was not opposed by the parties. A few weeks later the LPG price jumped from $A0.20-$A0.30/L to $A0.50-$A0.60/L.
An application was made to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on a different ground. After a futile exercise, the price went down for a while.
Today, who is increasing the LPG price and on what basis no one knows or cares. The net impact is the weaker party in the chain is carrying the burden while "taxi mafia" is laughing all the way to the bank. The TWU lawyer Adam Hatcher found a chamber at the higher end of the town and become a BARRISTER! The good union boss Steve Hutchins became the president of the NSW Labor Party and eventually a number one ticket SENATOR from NSW.
Taxi drivers made an appeal to the Full Bench.
After a long and costly exercise, we found out that only the TWU have the right to represent taxi drivers at the Industrial Commission! During that hearing the rights and wrongs of the actual case were not discussed.
That means, in reality the court said the TWU can do whatever they like and they can ignore their own taxi driver members all together or their welfare! They are virtually not answerable to anyone. The union bosses do not have to follow justice, fairness, courtesy or common sense! Since then the union removed a few bi-laws of their own constitution i.e. they don't have to advance the well being of their own members". The law is same today.
Whether we drivers like it or not, even if the TWU got any taxi driver members or not they will decide the bailee taxi drivers working conditions. No matter, how sad, immoral and unlawful they are.
Faruque and others used to expose them in the media. However, the union bosses used to make attempts to trap taxi drivers and block them from the media, parliament, etc. etc. Some of the documents are very revealing.
I say, the most tragic thing of my life is that knowing and dealing with the NSW Transport Workers Union.
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Ted Hirsch wrote:
From memory, about 4-5 weeks ago gas rose to a minimum 55/ litre and up to 70/litre.After cabbies got used to the shock, then a week or two ago it rose to minimum 65/litre and up to 75/litre.Did you say price gouging, Brian? Tut, tut. But Yes, getting our Media Manager onto it sounds worthwhile!
On Wed 19 Dec07 in the SMH, Gordon Samuels announced that the ACCC inquiry had NOT found any evidence of petrol price collusion. And Coles and Woolies dockets were cleared from accusations of higher shelf prices. Independent servos disappearing was is part of a long term trend, although they are hotly contesting this finding (self interest obviously). It is proposed to introduce a daily petrol price information scheme, popular in WA and which has reduced volatile price changes to once per day. By 4pm the next day's price is shown on the computer. No mention of gas prices or gouging by the ACCC, of course. Our in house historian Mr. Ahmed, tells of an IRC "temporary decision" some years ago which, thanks to the TWU made drivers pay for fuel, whereas previously Bailors paid (or bailors/ bailees split the costs?).

Faruque reckons taking this to the IRC for review is too difficult and costly. He reckons Parliament, somehow. Any specific advice, Faruque? Ernie suggest IPART gives us a handout for fuel price increases. That's the easiest approach, no doubt, albeit in June/July from memory and a massive amount of work if we do the full Monty! (Should IPART be added to our Calendar?) (BTW, why are radio jobs so poorly returned, Ernie?
Cheers to all.
Ernie Mollenhauer wrote:
As bus fares have just been increased, their explanation being increased costs, I reckon there are more than reasonable grounds to pester IPART for an increase in taxi fares. The other string in the bow would be the currently poor responses to radio booking which are now even less attractive than before. Is there support for a claim, (seeking to leave the meters alone) for an increase in the radio booking fee to say $3 so they can knock us back to $2?
ErnieOn 19/12/2007, Brian Ridge < brianfridge@...> wrote:
To the committee, Last night while filling my cab with gas at the Legion base at 65.9 cents per litre another driver told me he had narrowly avoided paying 74.9 at Crows Nest, and he estimated that it was costing him about $100 a week extra. My recollection is that when the fare rates were increased back about July the cost of gas rose from about 48 to 52 cents per litre. If my memory is correct that equates to about a 40% rise in less than 6 months. The term "price gouging" springs to mind. I am wondering whether the NSWTDA could do a bit of probing and perhaps create a bit of noise so that these prices are justified.
BrianPosted by Austro_Bangla at 3:25 AM

The failure of the NSW Industrial Relations System

Apart from the
Battle of Plassey, Clive of India, Jallianwala Bagh massacre and Oliver Twist the English society advanced towards a proletariat and a humane direction. Some of the good English laws and practices found their Way to the Rum Colony. For reasons not known to me, many of those English values and practices developed further in NSW because of:
1. Justice Beattie Report.2. Justice Edwards Report.
3. Sir Asher Jole's Motivational Survey.4. Driving Forces (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General).5. Driving Forward, (Minister for Industrial Relations and the Attorney General).6. Keatsdale Report (The DoT and NSW WorkCover Authority).7. Dalziel Reports (Sydney University, Dept of Psychology).8. Alan Cook reports and
9. Roy Morgan Report re ATIS conducted by Ms. Ann Matheson.
Although the Dave Madden Report is a sad one! Nonetheless, while most expensive and undemocratic, the Madden Report sounds good while it lacks any direction or moral whatsoever.
As a result, despite many well oiled and fine tuned relentless back stabbings of the NSW Transport Workers Union leadership under the protection of the NSW Labor Party, the NSW taxi drivers are more protected by the law than in any other state of Australia. Although as mentioned in the document below, I was elected in many positions within the taxi industry including the NSW TWU Taxi Drivers Section, but lost all hope in the NSW TWU. Similarly most taxi drivers voted with their feet and are not members of the NSW TWU. Yet, the NSW TWU spends other transport workers money to destroy taxi drivers' rights because only the NSW TWU is recognized in the NSW IRC!
The sound of corruption and absurdity of the current NSW Industrial Relation system could be traced by separately attached correspondence between my-self and relevant authorities. Despite repeated requests these authorities failed to factor in the labor component in their calculations. that a flawed accounting system and ruthless oppression against the NSW taxi drivers warrants a federal award outside the influence of the NSW Labor Party and very influential Taxi Mafia who have captured and capitulated many instrumentalities as identified by a few authorities here in NSW.
It is statistically true, everybody knows it and the taxi mafia have admitted under oath, in front of the NSW Industrial Relation Commission that they have been:
Making false submission in the courts and commissions,
Denying workers' lawful entitlements and
Double dipping the taxman for the unpaid workers' entitlement.
So the question is what do we do to improve the situation and how?
How can we enforce the duty of Care provision of the Occupational Health and Safety legislation without any ambiguity?
How can we ensure the labor component in the taxi meter rate?
How can we ensure the proper taxi drivers voice in the Industrial relations system and Taxi Advisory Council?
How can we rise above the party politics and ensure democracy, fairness and justice?
How can we ensure holiday pay, sick pay, long service leave, 38 hours per week and superannuation for bailee/employee taxi drivers?

I say this despite the Honorable John Howard's guard dogs, chain and balaclava wearing thugs; the notion of minimum wages and fair go developed in Australia and Justice Higgins and Harvester decision are revered around the world.

Taxi Driver Entitlement under the Law
E McBEATTY –Secretary Treasurer
SYDNEY: 2124A77

NEWCASTLE SUB-BRANCH: 69 3645 69 3845,
18th December, 1979

Mr. R, Kermode,
Metropolitan Taxi Council
48 Oxford Street, PADDINGTON - 2021

Dear Mr. Kermode,
Since 1974, the Taxi Section of this Union has unsuccessfully attempted, to achieve, a new Taxi Drivers (State) Award to replace the current award made on the 8th March 1972 (1851G1413).We did not file a formal claim, but sought to negotiate before taking legal action. Without attempting, to apportion blame for the lack of success, we can at least agree that the efforts on both sides to resolve our differences failed to achieve any worthwhile results.
Accordingly, the Union decided to await the foreshadowed amendments to the N.S.W. Industrial Arbitration Act to establish tribunals empowered to arbitrate on the rates and conditions for Taxi Drivers.
These historic changes become legally effective by Proclamation on the 30th November, 1979.
As a result thereof, we are now seeking to obtain (preferably by consent) a Contract Determination under section 91K and/or a section 91H Agreement to cover Taxi Drivers: To this end, and consistent with our policy of fully exploring the Conciliation process before resorting to Arbitration, we have attached here to a Claim for discussion with your organization at a series of Conferences which we seek to commence as soon as possible.
We would appreciate your advice as to a suitable date for holding the first of such negotiations.
Yours Sincerely

T. Heir
(Note: A copy of the Claim prepared by our Delegates is attached hereto).
E McBEATTY –Secretary Treasurer
SYDNEY: 2124A77

NEWCASTLE SUB-BRANCH: 69 3645 69 3845

1. Minimum Rate of Commission:
Drivers shall be paid a minimum rate of commission, expressed as sixty per cent 60% of the chargeable fares earned.
2. Sick Leave.
Each driver shall be entitled during the -first year of the contract to
five(5)days sick leave and-to eight (8) days paid sick leave annually during
the second and subsequent years. Such payment shall be based on the drivers "average earnings" assessed over the week preceding such absence.
The rights under this clause shall accumulate from year to year, so that any part of the leave entitlement which has no been allowed in any one year may be claimed, and paid for, in a subsequent year of continued contract.
3. Annual Leave.
(a) Drivers shall be entitled to take four (4) weeks paid annual leave for each year of contract.
For the purpose of this clause, the driver shall be paid and, treated as though he was an employee covered by. the N.S.W. Annual Holidays Act, 1944.
(b) In the case of "Night Drivers", their entitlement under this clause shall be based on an annual leave period applicable of (5) weeks per year of contract in lieu of the four (4)weeks for ordinary drivers. At the time of his entering a perk of annual leave as above provided, each driver shall receive a "Loading'--of 25% extra, based on the annual leave payment due.
4. Long Service heave.
Drivers shall receive all benefits due to employees under the N.S.W. Long Service Act, 1955.
5. Public Holidays.
Each driver shall be entitled to absent himself on all public holidays without loss of pay. He shall be paid his "average earnings (based on the preceding weeks commission) for each such days of absence.
Where a driver works on a public holiday, he shall be paid his "average earnings" (as above defined) plus $30.00.
6. Receipts for Payment.
Drivers shall receive receipts for all payments made to Bailors (Owners)and Taxi Co-operatives.
7. Air Conditioning.
All taxis shall be suitably air-conditioned without the driver incurring any expense or payment therefor.
8. Guaranteed Earnings.
A driver commencing work on any day shall receive guaranteed minimum earnings of at least thirty dollars (30.00) for that day.

Taxi Industry Services Association of NSW volume 29, No 4, March 1984 issue editorial, "we (the T.C. and NTIA) were placed in a position of being forced to a Determination rather than altering the previous Agreement because of a handful of owners who would not observe some aspects of that Agreement". In plain English the bailors continued their lawless ways despite getting their bailor/bailee relationship between owners and NOSETDs.

2.9.1. The Path to the new Determination went like this: after 1981 the bailors had to come up with new ways of carrying on their prel980 activities within the bailor/bailee system. So the fixed pay-in system made it's first appearance. The position in negotiations was reached when the bailors refused to agree to anything unless the TWIT agreed to include fixed pay-ins in the new Contract Determination, The TWU, it's delegates, it's members and all taxi drivers refused to agree. The stalemate continued for nearly 12 months! The following events occurred and I make no comment on them, nor do I infer anything by them -
(i) One of the NOSETD delegates of the TWU, who helped to prepare the TWU's case turned up at the hearing as a witness for the bailors. Subsequently he became a "plate holder" and was elected to the Taxi Council board.
(ii) The Secretary of the TWIT Mr. E. McBeaty died in a boating accident.
(iii) The new secretary of the TWU Mr. H. F. Quinn ordered their legal representatives to agree to the bailers terms, fixed pay-ins and to wind up the case. They did so.
(iv)The Contract Determination 1984 came into effect 22.2.84.
2.9.2. The fact that fixed pay-ins got into the CD84, contrary to:
(i) All past practices,
(ii) All past recommendations of inquiries into the taxi industry,
(iii) All members of the TWU opposing it,
(iv)All taxi drivers opposing it
(v) The Industrial Arbitration Act 1940 to 1968 giving jurisdiction to the Commission to grant pay-ins only as a percentage of meter takings.
I leave for the Commissioner to ponder over and comment on.
2,9.3 The council representing the bailors was Mr. Callaghan. But it must be brought to the review's attention that Mr. R. Kermode played such an integral part of these proceedings that the Deputy President McMahon decided to
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